Roofing Services in Washington DC

A roof is one of the most important parts of a home. It protects the house from the elements and boosts curb appeal. However, it can be expensive to replace or repair.

Whether you need a quick repair after a storm or want to give your roof a facelift, a local Roofing Services in Washington DC can help.

History of Washington D.C.

Washington DC is steeped in history. The city was founded in 1791 and grew from a need to establish a central location for the government. George Washington acquired land from Virginia and Maryland and French architect Pierre L’Enfant drew up the plans for the capital. The city was heavily damaged during the War of 1812 and many buildings were destroyed.

The city has had a difficult past with racial tensions causing riots. In the late 19th century the city improved with Howard University being founded in 1867 and the construction of Union Station in 1908. In 1973 Congress passed the District of Columbia Home Rule Act which allowed voters to elect a mayor and city council that would oversee the city. Walter Washington became the first elected and black mayor of the city.

Today, Washington DC is run by an elected mayor and a 13-member city council. The city council is made up of representatives from each ward plus five members, including the chairman, who are elected at large. The city also has 37 elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissions that serve as local councils and are required to give the city council suggestions that must be considered when making decisions.

Slate Roofs

Slate is one of the oldest roofing materials still in use. Its lifespan can last up to 200 years if it is properly installed and maintained. While this type of roof is often seen on historic buildings, it can also be found on contemporary homes.

Natural slate is a metamorphic rock that forms under pressure underground. It is mined in large rock quarries and then split into sheets to be cut into shingles. It comes in a variety of colors and can be manufactured into multicolored roofs by using different thicknesses of slate.

Slate is expensive, but it can last a lifetime with regular maintenance and proper repairs. A regular maintenance schedule should include gutter cleaning, periodic inspections (by a homeowner with binoculars or a ladder) following severe storms and regular roof cleaning about three times a year. It is important to know that a slate roof can only be repaired by a professional with specialized tools.

Shingle Roofs

For homes in the Washington DC area with more traditional architecture (including neo-classical styles, Queen Anne, Georgian, Victorian and Beaux-Arts designs) an asphalt composite shingle roof is a great choice. Today’s shingles come in a variety of colors and styles, providing homeowners with a range of options for their roofing replacement projects.

The shingle options include standard three-tab asphalt shingles, which are divided into individual shingles with side-by-side tabs; architectural style shingles, which offer a textured, three-dimensional look; and designer shingles, which are an option that allows the homeowner to achieve the elegance of slate or terra cotta Spanish tile roofs at a much more affordable price.

Homeowners should discuss all shingle roof choices with their professional roofing contractor, to determine which shingle design will best protect their home from the harsh elements of this nation’s capital. Some shingles are even designed as cool-colored options for the region’s high temperatures. However, field-coating a previously installed asphalt shingle roof to make it cool can cause moisture retention issues and may void the shingle manufacturer’s warranty.

Metal Roofs

For those looking to replace their old asphalt shingle roof with something more modern, a metal roof is an excellent option. Not only do they look great, but they also offer a number of benefits for homeowners including durability, energy efficiency and fire resistance. They are also highly wind resistant and can last for up to 60 years with proper care against oxidation.

There are a variety of different styles and colors to choose from, as well. Some even come in shapes that mimic traditional tile or slate roofing. Metal tiles can also be given an acrylic coating to further protect them and enhance the appearance of a home.

Because of their complexity, these types of roofs should only be installed by a professional roofer with experience in metal. Using a general contractor for this type of work could result in poor installation, which can lead to leaks and other problems down the line. The best choice for this type of job is to hire a local DC roofing company that has specialized in installing metal roofs.